Ramping up for makerspace

Check out this template maker for creating any shape you might want to make out of paper https://www.templatemaker.nl/en/

Looks like something that could come in handy in the makerspace!

This jogged my memory and reminded me of this, the intro to working with cardboard- how can we integrate this into our space?

Back online- kind of…

First Makers project: fix the makerspace blog

Welcome back; it’s been too long!

Our old blog was on a server that crashed, and we are still working to recover the posts. So here we are at a new blog.

This is where we’ll store info about the HFWA makerspace. Take a look around and find projects that interest you, or maybe a tutorial that helps you learn how to use some of the resources we have here in our makerspace.

Leave a comment if you have a request for something that you can’t find!